Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC - October 10-13, 2024

tpwdgc overview

All current, dues-paid members in good standing of the Professional Disc Golf Association are eligible to qualify for the 2024 Throw Pink Women’s Disc Golf Championship (TPWDGC). The TPWDGC is a PDGA A-tier; therefore, all competitors must have a current PDGA membership and must have passed the PDGA Official certification exam to compete. Those gaining TPWDGC eligibility should register for the event as quickly as possible.

Qualifying for the tournament

All previous Throw Pink Women’s Disc Golf Champions and the top 3 from the 2023 TPWDGC receive an automatic invitation to the 2024 tournament.

  • Missy Gannon (2021 Champion)
  • Catrina Allen (2022 Champion)
  • Holyn Handley (2023 Champion)
  • Kristin Tattar (2nd in 2023)
  • Henna Blomroos (3rd in 2023)
  • Eveliina Salonen (3rd in 2023)

Special Invitations

  • 2024 United States Masters Champion (FP40)
  • 2024 United States Women’s Champion (FPO) & (FP40)
  • 2024 Deaf Disc Golf Championship (FPO)
  • 2024 PDGA Women’s Global Event (FPO)
  • 2024 Masters World Champion (FP40)
  • 2024 Amateur World Champion (FA1)
  • 2024 College Disc Golf National Champion (Women’s Singles)

About The THROW PINK WOMEN'S Disc Golf Championship

The TPWDGC is a showcase event of the top female athletes in our sport, playing on behalf of women everywhere struggling with breast cancer. The tournament aims to encourage outdoor activity and bring attention to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but is also a chance for the best players to compete for a highly coveted title on one of the most storied courses in disc golf, Winthrop.


Throw Pink, the organization, has run hundreds of events and clinics to bring more women and young people into the sport; the Throw Pink Women’s Disc Golf Championship serves as an opportunity for thousands of women who found disc golf through Throw Pink to see how far you can take the sport should you choose. It is a chance to highlight the spectacular talent at the top of Women’s disc golf, inspire newer players through the example of our top athletes’ performance, and do it all in the name of a noble cause.

Throw Pink is a 501c3 that encourages women and girls to live healthy, active lifestyles through disc golf. The organization supports women’s health initiatives through events and clinics across the country that help women get outside and be more active. First founded in 2013, Throw Pink was created to help spread awareness, create a support-network, and raise funds for those struggling with breast cancer.

“Throw Pink was founded because we saw a need and an opportunity. A need to get more women playing disc golf and a chance to utilize our amazing disc golf community to make a difference in the fight to end cancer.” 

–  Sara Nicholson